Early Child Development

Parents + Teachers + Good Conversations = Formula for Success!

What’s one of the best (and easiest) ways to ensure your child is achieving his or her fullest potential? Talk to his or her teachers. Research shows that when families are engaged with teachers and schools, their children are better prepared to enter kindergarten—and children’s social skills and school achievement improve, too. That’s why, each

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May Activities From Our Curriculum

This month, our activities focus on building your child’s “executive function” skills. The term executive function refers to an important group of skills that include self-regulation, memory, persistence, attention, and flexibility. You can help your child develop these “school readiness” skills at home with simple, fun activities from our curriculum! Just click on the images

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April Activities From Our Curriculum

Spring is here! While we’ve been enjoying a few sunny days here and there, springtime in Portland usually means a LOT of rain. Fortunately, we have plenty of fun and activities from our KinderCare curriculum to keep us busy on those rainy weekend afternoons. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere sunny, we have you

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