Development Milestones

The Art of Parenting: Discipline (video)

The word discipline is often interpreted as punishment. In this video, our own VP of Education, Linda Hassan Anderson, shares a different perspective on “discipline” not as punishment, but as an opportunity to teach children how to regulate their own behavior and learn what’s appropriate in what settings. Linda also discusses discipline as the opportunity

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Weekly Links Roundup and Cute Photo of the Week!

It’s getting to be fall here in Portland. September is always a moody month for me; we have my birthday and my daughter’s birthdays, so we have lots of celebrations (and presents…and cake!) But on the downside, it’s about to start raining and not stop for many, many months. So, to lead the weekly links

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Got Picky Eaters? Try These Tips!

For You: Never bribe your child to eat; keep food neutral. Keep mealtime positive. Talk positively about food. “Milk tastes yummy and it will make your bones and teeth grow strong.” For Your Child: Have quiet time prior to meals to prevent a “hyper” table. Allow kids to dish-up themselves (safely); this is called family

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