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It’s Cinco de Mayo Time! 3 Colorful Crafts to Make Your Casa Fiesta-Ready

Ready to celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Tissue-paper flowers make the perfect decoration. Photo by © akiyoko

While Cinco de Mayo is observed in Mexico, the holiday is also widely celebrated here in the United States, especially in areas with large Mexican-American populations. The largest Cinco de Mayo celebration in the world actually takes place in Los Angeles, CA, with up to 300,000 people attending Fiesta Broadway every year. Commemorating Mexico’s underdog victory over French

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Oh My Stars! What This Super-Famous Painting Can Teach Young Children

03.23.16_Fine art Van Gogh

Even those who are not art aficionados probably know the master work Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. This month, our pre-K children will get to know the painting, too—and experiment with Van Gogh’s rolling, swirling brushstroke styles. “The Starry Night is a fun and exciting painting for children to explore,” says KinderCare Education Senior

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Picasso in Pre-K? Absolutely.


This month our pre-K kids will be joined by Three Musicians—the cubist masterpiece by Pablo Picasso. True, our made-for-the-classroom reprint is a fraction of the painting’s original size. Nonetheless, we believe that great artists and their masterpieces help young children learn. “The visual arts encourage children to observe, discuss, solve problems, and express themselves creatively,”

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Crafty Homemade Cards, Full of Fun & Love


Never mind the chocolates, to the diamonds, say pshaw. No Valentine’s Day gift beats a handmade card from a child. Melt hearts with this surprisingly simple cut-and-paste craft project: Little fingers paste ribbons on paper willy-nilly, and then a cutout overlay pulls it all together for a sweet, polished look.          

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