Creative Families

Craft Table: Make a Family “Quilt”


No sewing skills required for this fun family project that showcases everyone’s unique personality and imagination. Washi tape is used to create sections that each family member decorates based on a shared theme: favorite colors, memories, dreams, things you love … the options are endless. At the end you’ll have a wall-worthy piece of art

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Going Places: Make a Collage to Map Your Dreams


Going somewhere? Get kids jazzed with this simple collage project that all begins with a paper map (Yes, there was a time before GPS.) Little ones can practice scissor skills—or ripping and shredding, depending on their age—as you talk about all the new and fun things you’ll do together on your trip. No vacation on

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Stop and Paint the Roses


Whether they’re popping up in gardens, pots, fields, or grassy freeway medians, flowers come in all different shapes, sizes, and hues. For this petal-powered painting activity your child can use a range of household items to create her own collection of gorgeous and vibrant blooms.           What You Will Need: Butcher

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Rock the House!

Musical-Instruments 1200x1200

Boy bands, pop stars, super groups, feh! Everyone knows the house band is the best. Using items from around your house, you can create the rocking-est version of Itsy Bitsy Spider you’ve ever heard. All you need is a little creativity, some recycled materials, and a love for fun!            

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