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Practice Appreciation: Make a Holiday Gratitude Tree

There's nothing better than a gratitude tree to remind us daily of all the things we are lucky enough to have in our lives.

Let the warm fuzzies of feeling grateful for the things and people in your life spread beyond Thanksgiving Day with a simply sweet family art project: hanging tags bedecked with thankful thoughts from a branch. Working on it will help your child learn about core concepts of gratitude and appreciation. Whether you hang the finished

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A Fall Centerpiece Made By (and for) Little Hands


Fall is a fabulous time to learn about color, shape, and texture: Think beautiful red maple leaves, bumpy orange gourds, and smooth brown chestnuts. Bring the beauty of fall to your home, and encourage your child to explore these concepts, by creating a coffee-table centerpiece filled with autumnal objects he’s free to touch—and touch and

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Living Room Forts Are Awesome

This is the stuff that great childhood memories are made of. Photo by Brian McEntire/Stocksy United

’Tis the season when cold, wet, and windy weather can keep kiddos cooped up indoors … and that means ’tis the season for the blanket fort! With a little imagination, sheets and blankets draped over tables, couches, or chairs can become superhero caves, bear dens, elf houses, mermaid grottos, the “office,” and oh so much

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Printmaking With Your Little Apple


Amaze your toddler with an easy craft project that turns her favorite fall fruit into art: using apple halves as stamps! Young children love exploring everyday objects, like putting all the blocks in the toy box, and then taking them all back out again. Moving big apple halves—from paint to canvas, and then back again—is

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7 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for the Grownups

Photo © Michela Ravasio/Stocksy United

By Anna Sachse We’ve all been there. It’s the day before (or day of!) Halloween and your little firefighter/ballerina/robot is demanding that you dress up, too—and you’ve got nothing to wear. My own children have already let me know that the “I’m-dressed-as-a-tired-mommy” shtick I used last year isn’t going to fly. Of course, you can

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Leaf Love: Make Fall Last Forever!


Autumn can last forever thanks to this nature-inspired project: It’s so easy even the littlest members of your family can help! Simply scatter brightly colored fall leaves across contact paper, frame it up with tape, and use the finished product as a part of your Thanksgiving table—or tape it to a sunny window and watch

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5 Spooktacular Snacks for a Healthier Halloween

10.20.14_GrowHappy_ghost bananas

We’re not ashamed to say that we’d like Halloween to be just a wee less candy-centric, so we combed the web looking for snacks that captured the spirit of the holiday by emphasizing the fun and de-emphasizing the sugar factor. (We also wanted treats that kids can help you make, too.) These five snacks pass our healthy-Halloween

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Make the Coolest Crayons Ever


If you have kids, chances are very good that you also have a burgeoning collection of broken and worn-down-to-the-stub Crayons. Instead of tossing them, give those colorful bits new life with the easiest craft project ever: Just pile the broken Crayons in oven-safe molds, melt, and voilà! The result is a magical set of tie-dye-style

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Craft Table: Make a Family “Quilt”


No sewing skills required for this fun family project that showcases everyone’s unique personality and imagination. Washi tape is used to create sections that each family member decorates based on a shared theme: favorite colors, memories, dreams, things you love … the options are endless. At the end you’ll have a wall-worthy piece of art

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Going Places: Make a Collage to Map Your Dreams


Going somewhere? Get kids jazzed with this simple collage project that all begins with a paper map (Yes, there was a time before GPS.) Little ones can practice scissor skills—or ripping and shredding, depending on their age—as you talk about all the new and fun things you’ll do together on your trip. No vacation on

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