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The Meyer Lemon: It’s a Real Spring Zinger

Meyer lemons: They make the best lemonade ever!

If you’re looking for a bright idea to put a little zest in your spring brunch, look no further than the Meyer lemon. Cookbook author and former pastry chef Ellen Jackson extolls the fruit in her forthcoming new book, The Lemon Cookbook: 50 Sweet & Savory Recipes to Brighten Every Meal (available April 28 from Sasquatch Books).

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Farm to Smart! 5 Berry Cute Ideas for Family Fun at the Market

Of course we can buy some kale, darling! Photo by © pixelprof

Spring is here and, along with the buds and blossoms, abundant farmers’ markets seem to be blooming on practically every corner. Exploring these pop-up produce paradises makes for some fabulous—and tasty—weekend family fun. There’s so much to see, smell, touch, taste, and, yup, learn. Check out these five easy ways to help your child harvest

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Yummy Little Egg Muffins to Make with Your Little Muffin

Tasty frittata muffins that your kids will love to make and love to eat!

When it comes to a spring brunch, we like to have kid-sized foods on the table—you know, the type that’s just right for kid-sized hands to pick up and eat. These individual frittatas, adapted from a recipe on and cooked in nonstick muffin tins, fit the bill. Let your budding chef help you make them: For kids, the kitchen is

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Fancy Made Easy: 7 Recipes to Get Your Frittata On

Delicious hot or cold, frittatas make it easy to eat gourmet on the go. Photo by © Lauri Patterson

Looking for a quick dish that works great for mornings, weeknight dinners, and fancy brunches alike? We suggest cracking a few eggs and whipping up a super tasty and incredibly versatile Italian frittata. Sort of like an omelet crossed with a quiche, frittatas are delicious hot or cold (think easy brownbag lunch for the office).

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Move Over White Rice: Quinoa’s in the House!

Photo by © Harold Walker; Stocksy United

Sure, rice is nice, but other grains (or seeds that masquerade as grains) are groovy, too! Alternatives like quinoa, amaranth, and barley can add healthy diversity to your child’s diet, and your own. Get on the whole-grain train with our super kid-friendly Mediterranean-inspired salad, starring quinoa: This gluten-free seed is packed with protein, fiber, and

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The New Breakfast of Champions: Tacos!

02.26.16_Breakfast Tacos

Infinitely versatile and easy for little hands to hold, tacos make a great kid-friendly lunch or dinner—so why not start the day with a tortilla, too? If it’s a leisurely weekend breakfast, let your kiddos assemble their own from an array of yummy ingredients. Grown-ups will also delight in them, making this simple dish a

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Bulgogi for Breakfast!? What Kids Eat Around the World


While many children in the United States may subsist largely on Goldfish® crackers and chicken fingers, kids in other countries typically eat the same fare their parents eat. We’re talking fermented cabbage, peppery lentils, and even briny mussels. Exploring new foods and ways of eating (salmon for breakfast in Japan!) is a great way to

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