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Tamale, Pierogi, Pecan Pie: Celebrate Your Family’s Culinary History

Teach your family's history by bringing history and your children into the kitchen! Photo © Cherish Bryck

Did you grandparents emigrate from another country but keep making perogies, tamales, or bánh tét? Can you remember the smell of your Texan grandmother’s famous pecan pie? Research shows that it’s important to share family history with our children. Here in America, where so many generational stories have been lost over the expanse of the

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Crantastic! 10 Things To Do with Your Leftover Cranberry Sauce

Photo by gitusik.

Ruby-hued cranberry sauce adds that perfect sweet-tart touch to your savory Thanksgiving feast—but you’ve probably noticed that one bag of cranberries makes a heackuva lot of sauce, leaving you with a heckuva lot of leftovers.  Of course, you can use cranberry as a turkey-sandwich filler (highly recommended) but you could also give this holiday side

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The Knee-High Chef: Kitchen Tasks for Every Age

From math concepts to fine-motor skills, making a meal can teach your kids a lot! Photo by Ryan J Lane.

Love the idea of bonding with your child while promoting healthy eating, confidence, language skills, cognitive development, and physical development? Get your budding sous chef into the kitchen! Sure, it may take a little more time to make a meal and a pinch of patience (plus some extra cleanup), but the benefits are many—and nothing

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Holiday Meal Show Stopper: Orzo-Stuffed Pumpkins

Go ahead and wow 'em!

Every now and then, you want to wow your guests. This recipe, in which rich and creamy orzo is served inside of a baked pumpkin, will definitely do the trick. Serve the pumpkin whole, with the top on, and when guests lift the stem, the aroma of the savory orzo will fill the room, adding even more drama to

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5 Spooktacular Snacks for a Healthier Halloween

10.20.14_GrowHappy_ghost bananas

We’re not ashamed to say that we’d like Halloween to be just a wee less candy-centric, so we combed the web looking for snacks that captured the spirit of the holiday by emphasizing the fun and de-emphasizing the sugar factor. (We also wanted treats that kids can help you make, too.) These five snacks pass our healthy-Halloween

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Impress Your Crew with Witches’ Brew!

Photo © 5PH

Watch little eyes get really wide when you transform your plain old punch into a spooky brew.  These five ideas are ghoulishly good!             MAKE THE BREW! Ingredients: 8 cups cranberry juice 6 cups pineapple juice 4 cups orange juice 1/4 cup fresh lime juice 1 (25 1/4-ounce) bottle sparkling

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