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Weekly Links Roundup and Cute Photo of the Week

Here are some links to a few of my favorite reads this week: Blogger Heather Spohr from The Spohrs Are Multiplying visited the Thousand Oaks KinderCare with her daughter Annie and wrote this lovely post. “Unconditional love is the scaffolding that encourages your child to take chances, to experiment, and to fail without judgment. Sometimes

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Create a Marshmallow Reindeer With Your Children

Marshmallow Reindeer Ingredients: Marshmallows Pretzels Frosting M & M’s Licorice         Directions: Connect 2 Large Marshmallows with a pretzel stick to make the body & head of the reindeer.  Add 4 sticks for legs and 1 stick for a tail.  Add M & M’s for the eyes and mouth with frosting.  Not

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Writing in Snow

Help your child practice writing, spelling, and a little reading in a language and literacy activity that is also a fun, tactile experience!

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