Cards with Heart: DIY Valentines Little Hands Can Make

Break out the red glitter! Valentine’s Day is here! Whether you need dozens of valentines for a kindergarten class or something special for the grandparents, homemade cards are the way to go. These simple kid friendly craft ideas will make your Valentine’s Day cards truly one-of-a-kind. So go ahead, get creative, get a little messy, and feel the love! 1)     Painted newspaper hearts

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Winter Craft: How to Make Perfect Cutout Snowflakes

By Allison Jones, Contributing Writer If you’re like me, your paper cutout “snowflakes” look more like….misshapen marshmallows with a few triangles missing. But this year, the Frozen-loving kids in my life insisted on making snowflakes, well, pretty much all the time. I was determined to become a snowflake master. The secret to making a snowflake that mimics

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Create a Marshmallow Reindeer With Your Children

Marshmallow Reindeer Ingredients: Marshmallows Pretzels Frosting M & M’s Licorice         Directions: Connect 2 Large Marshmallows with a pretzel stick to make the body & head of the reindeer.  Add 4 sticks for legs and 1 stick for a tail.  Add M & M’s for the eyes and mouth with frosting.  Not

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