A Thank You to Our Teachers


Our educators serve as tour guides for our children as they explore the world and expand their imaginations. This week marks the celebration of the teachers in our life and their very important work.

In my life we have many teachers who are important to my family, however, one person stands out… Ms. Ani. We  had the privilege of meeting Ani when my oldest child was an infant. My baby adored her and so did I. She could make him giggle and light up a room each time she smiled.  The children in her care have the deepest and most heartfelt belly laughs — and those laughs span generations as she has been an early childhood professional for nearly 30 years.

Although my child transitioned to older classrooms we ensure that Ani is included in his world. After all, Ms. Ani is family.

Ani’s favorite quote “Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression”- and she passionately lives by this mantra each day. She leaves a lasting impression on each family with every activity, lesson and smile.

I knew Ani was extremely special when an 8 year old former student would run to hug her in the morning when his mom was dropping off a younger sibling. Nearly 6 years had passed since Ms. Ani cared for him, yet he still wanted to give her quick hug before he started his day.

Ms. Ani now serves as a tour guide for my little girl as she journeys through the exciting and memorable world that her lovely teacher celebrates and nurtures.  Thank you to Ms. Ani for providing my children the care, the kindness, and nurturing that any parent can ask for.  Thank you for being a part of our family.

And thank you to all of our teachers for everything you do.


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