A Mom’s Point of View: Memories of My Grandmother

My grandparents back in 1984. My grandparents back in 1984.

Grandparents’ Day is this Sunday and it’s important to reflect and thank the grandparents in our life. I think of my own grandmother who was my entire world. She was my best friend, my confidant, my strength and the origin of my laugh throughout my first 30 years on this planet. It’s been 10 years since she left us enriched, full of love and laughter. My only regret is that my husband and children were unable to meet my ‘Gammy & Papa.’

I often hope that my own children have that special bond with their grandparents.  These are memories that they can count on throughout their life.

In fact, these are bonds that help define us and can stand the test of time.

My grandmother and I had a special bond where she once told me that an enormous harvest moon was unique to the city of Bend, Oregon nestled in the Cascade Mountains. Ok, I was pretty little and I must admit that I completely bought that a city in Oregon had its own moon. By about second grade, I eventually figured out the truth that Bend shares the same moon as everyone else… but Grandma and I still called one another on those nights when the moon took up most of the sky… celebrating our “Bend Moon.”  That continued up until she passed away. In fact, my prior company transferred me to London and I recall seeing a “Bend Moon” over the British night sky and madly rushing to a red phone booth to call my grandmother back home in Oregon. It was only 2 pm on the West Coast but we still had that connection several decades later.

The prior generation’s history and wisdom helps guide and shape who we are today and grandparents are a remarkable resource. I named my baby girl after my grandmother and I still think of my ‘Gam’ every time I see a ‘Bend Moon.’

Thank you to all of the grandparents out there who are making a difference for future generations.


  1. Sara sawyer

    Thank you for sharing your story! I visited OR a couple of weeks ago and I can remember that beautiful moon, thanks for a fantastic story!

  2. Saralee Croft

    Oh Traci I love this have such great memories this is so special thanks for sharing love the picture so young then or so it looks!!

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