A Fun Family Recipe to Try at Home

One of my son’s favorite books is The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Last weekend, we went grocery shopping and while walking through the produce section he saw a watermelon and said, “Look Mommy, that is what the caterpillar eats.” It was so cute that I had to buy the watermelon. Together we made a few “kid-friendly creations” that the caterpillar might like to eat!

  1. Watermelon PieFruit Kebobs – cut watermelon and fruit of your choosing into small cubes. Choose a few fruits that you do not normally eat for a fun change. We chose kiwi and mango. Put cubed fruit on skewers with a dull edge – don’t forget to watch the child carefully and discard the skewer immediately after the fruit is removed. (Special note: get your child involved by helping to cut fruit into cubes with a plastic knife).
  2. Fruit Kebobs “Watermelon Pie” – slice watermelon and arrange the pieces into a pie shape. Spread raspberry jam on the watermelon slices and then top with white chocolate chips. This would be a fun dessert to bring to a picnic party! (Special note: get your child involved by spreading jam on the watermelon with a plastic knife and then adding the white chocolate chips).

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