LuAnn Cline

2013 Knowledge Universe Early Childhood Educator Award Winner

“My passion personally is to make us kind of the best – our center, my classroom. I just have a passion for making it the best.”

LuAnn Cline, Prekindergarten teacher and 2013 Knowledge Universe® Early Childhood Educator Award recipient

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For teachers like LuAnn Cline, being good just isn’t enough. Not only does she strive to be the best teacher and to have the best classroom for her young students, she also wants her center to be the best early learning center in the community. It’s her passion for excellence that places LuAnn, a Prekindergarten teacher at Scripps Ranch KinderCare® Learning Center in San Diego, among the top KinderCare teachers in the country.


“She’s the best out of the best teachers that we have in the region,” said Regional Vice President Lori Smith. “She is consistently on top of her programming. Her energy and passion is amazing.”


District Manager Melissa Vandever and Center Director Bibianca Jimenez echo those sentiments. 


“Ever since I’ve known LuAnn she has set this standard and it’s created a culture here at the center,” said Bibianca. “Everyone tries to be at LuAnn’s level. She knows what right looks like, [and] she is amazing with the children. She has this passion and it just spreads throughout the entire building.”


“She’s an amazing teacher,” said Melissa. “I’ve known LuAnn since 1989. We grew up in the company together. She chose to stay where she belongs, and that’s in the classroom, and she’s just amazing.”


“I really enjoy being with that Pre-k group,” LuAnn said. “I enjoy the kids. I love the curriculum. I always have. It’s really fun to watch them get it; understand numbers, understand concepts – that’s fun.”


A mentor for other teachers in her center, LuAnn also works closely with the San Diego School District to ensure her students are properly prepared for Kindergarten. Her enthusiasm for teaching isn’t limited to her students: She also conducts in-depth parent/teacher conferences throughout the year to keep parents up-to-date about their child’s progress. Her passion for teaching and her ability to reach beyond the daily lesson plan to ensure her students succeed earned LuAnn the 2013 Knowledge Universe Early Childhood Educator Award. Her work sets her students up for future success.


“There’s been quite a few studies now that show us that with early education [children] are more successful in school, in all of the basic programs, and actually more successful in life because they develop a love of learning that they carry through their whole life experience,” said Lori.




Photo credit:  Courtesy of Getty Images for Knowledge Universe. 

LuAnn Cline
2013 Early Childhood Educator Award Winner:

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